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Dundee United Football Club

Safe-Tay security have been used at Tannadice prior to March 23 when I assumed the role of Safety Officer for Dundee United FC.

Since taking over the role I have had the pleasure of working with both Elaine and Darren on a weekly basis. I have found them to be professional, accommodating, and willing to help at the shortest notice. With the forever changing numbers attending matches, the office has helped with both increasing and decreasing numbers at very short notice.

Working on a strict budget, I have found Safe-Tay to be more than competitive with their pricing across all levels.

The staff that Safe-Tay provide have been fantastic at every match and event, ensuring the safety and well-being of every visitor and going the extra mile without a second thought. I have received numerous emails from both home and away supporters praising the match day safety team. The supervisors ensure each team is equipped with all the tools and training their department needs to be successful in the operational goal. In place, ready to go and on time.

Having worked with other security firms in the past, I can happily recommend Safe-Tay to anyone looking for a reliable and professional team.

Chris Garland

Safety Officer and Head of Facilities and Stadium Operations

Strathmore Events

I have contracted  Safe-Tay Services Ltd for several years for a number of different public events and Football Matches.

In terms of pre-event planning, the Company is efficient in the provision of costs and providing different options as to how the Security detail at a particular event could be deployed.

They have always made their staff available for pre-event Briefings as well as on site ‘walk throughs’.

In  my experience they have always delivered as to the Security Brief they have been given and available for dialogue and discussion if amendments to original Security plans have had to be made. Their approach is flexible and if additional staff have been required at short notice, such requests have always been met with a positive and helpful response.

Their staff  (both SIA and non SIA) are given proper uniforms and have the necessary personal equipment to enable them to undertake Security tasks. They have engaged well with members of the public and acted professionally when the security aspect  of their job has had to be introduced.

They are also willing to make a positive contribution to post event debriefs and offer practical suggestions which may improve future event planning.

Ewan West

Strathmore Events